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All makes & Models

Sangate Automotive Service are equipped with the latest repair equipment and technology going around. This means that our qualified and experienced mechanics can perform quality repairs and services on all makes and models, whether that's light commercial or even classic cars. With computer interface and diagnostic tools, our team can undertake any required servicing or maintenance task, and do the job as well as your vehicle's manufacturer. To find out more about our services, contact us today!

Roadworthy Inspections

A Roadworthy Certificate is required when a vehicle is sold, if a used vehicle is to be re-registered or in some cases to clear a vehicle defect. 

Our team at Sangate Automotive are licensed to carry out Roadworthy Inspections to cars and light vehicles of any make or model. To find out more about our Roadworthy Inspections, contact us today!

Logbook Service

Having your vehicle serviced regularly is essential in the maintenance and monitoring of your vehicles condition and performance.

Many people are tricked into believing that you must always take your vehicle in to your manufacturer in order to maintain your vehicle's warranty. This is incorrect, as you are able to take your vehicle into any licensed and registered mechanic, they will be able to professionally service your vehicle and stamp your logbook so you can keep that new car warranty. 

To find out more about our logbook services, or to book your vehicle in for a logbook service, contact us today!

Brake & Clutch Service

Your clutch and brakes play a major role in the safety of your vehicle on the road. Your clutch is responsible for allowing you to shift gears, and your brakes determine the accuracy of your vehicles stopping capacity. Driving with worn or damaged brakes means that your vehicles reaction time is decreased, meaning that you are driving a potentially unsafe vehicle. 

Driving with a slipping, worn or faulty clutch means that your gears aren't performing as they should. The experienced team at Sangate Automotive are skilled mechanics who can repair, machine and replace your worn or damaged brakes and clutch to get you back on the road as safely as possible. 

To find out more about our brake and clutch service, or to book your vehicle in for a brake or clutch replacement, contact us today!

Exhaust Repair & Service

The exhaust system in your vehicle is usually piping which is used to guide the gases produced by your exhaust away from the engine. If your exhaust is damaged or not functioning as it should, you can guarantee that our mechanics can repair or replace your cars' exhaust system as required. 

Sangate Automotive offer a complete range of exhaust repair and replacement utilising only quality tools and components to ensure the quality of workmanship is delivered throughout.  To find out more about our exhaust repair service, or to book your car in for a repair, contact us today!

Steering & Suspension Repair & Replacement

Is your car driving and steering unevenly and rough? Then you might be in need of a steering and suspension assessment. Amongst many parts of  your vehicle, your steering and suspension components wear and weaken over time. Our technicians have the tools and equipment to repair and replace most aspects of your car to get it driving like new again. To find out more about our services, or to book your car in for a steering & suspension replacement, contact us today!

Radiator & Cooling System Service

When things go wrong with your car's cooling system they are usually quite obvious as your car may stop producing cool air or in some instances let out an unpleasant smell. Your radiator plays a major role in the functionality of your cooling system, as time passes rust, debris and even salt can build up within your radiator which can deteriorate your radiator's performance. Our technicians can assess, repair or replace your cars cooling system and radiator to get it functioning like new again. To find out more about our radiator and cooling services, contact us today!

Tyre Repair & Replacement

Your wheels and tyres have a drastic impact upon the handling of your vehicle. Ensuring you have enough tread on your tyres or that they are not damaged is essential in keeping yourself safe on the road. You can trust that the experienced team at Sangate Automotive can repair and replace your tyres no matter the make or model of your car, utilising popular and high quality tyres and components such as Brembo and Bendix brake pads. Our technicians can fit and replace your tyres to quality standards ensuring that you stay safe on the road. To find out more about our tyre repair, or to book your car in for a service, contact us today!

Auto Electrical Repairs & Service

Most vehicles today are made up of complex electronic systems, and rely on these systems for managing specific parts of your vehicle. Auto electronic systems and engine computers do everything from regulating fuel to diagnosing problems, so when your Electrician system is malfunctioning it can be a hazardous fault that can lead to serious consequences if not maintained adequately. Our technicians are skilled and knowledgeable to detect any auto electrical issue your car may be experiencing, and ensuring that they fix it as quickly and efficiently as possible so that your driving around in a safe car. Our auto electrical services include:

  • - Battery testing, replacement and cleaning
  • - Globe replacement
  • - Alternator testing
  • - EFI testing
  • To find out more about our services, contact us today!

    Classic Cars

    At Sangate Automotive, we like to cater to every vehicle, big or small,  but our true passion lies within the classics. Our passion for the classic cars is broad, but specifically aimed at American and European cars. Our team are well informed and qualified to carry out inspections, repairs, services and maintenance on your classic beauty to ensure we assist in the maintenance of your classics' individual quality, style and functionality. To find out more about our classic services, or to book your car in for a service, contact us today!

    Diesel Service

    Diesel powered vehicles are now commonplace in Australia as they are legendary for reliability, power and fuel consumption. If your vehicle has a lack of power, it has become difficult to start your engine, or even if there is black smoke coming out of your exhaust, then your diesel isn't performing appropriately, and should be checked by a licensed mechanic. Our team have the knowledge and tools required to assess and repair your diesel vehicle to get it working like new again. If your diesel isn't behaving,  contact us today for a quote or service.

    Fleet Work

    Maintaining your fleet of vehicles can be time consuming and costly. At Sangate Automotive, we offer our clients an efficient service with quality workmanship, carried out by our experienced mechanics who take a holistic approach to the maintenance and service of your fleet, ensuring we can get your fleet in and out functioning like new in no time. To find out more information on our fleet service, or to book your fleet in, contact us today.

    Windscreen Repairs

    At Sangate Automotive, our team can repair and replace your windscreen with the appropriate equipment and quality glass to ensure you are driving with a safe windscreen. Having a damaged windscreen can impair your vision and potentially become quite dangerous to yourself and your passengers, especially if there is a chip or crack. If your car has a chipped or cracked windscreen, make sure you get it sorted as soon as possible, contact our friendly team at Sangate Automotive to get your windscreen repaired.


    Tyres provide the necessary grip and steering for your vehicle and cannot be under estimated in their importance to safety. Tyres are your only your contact with the road. Correct inflation of your tyres not only extends the life of the tyre but also assists with fuel economy. To extend the life of your tyres, ask your VACC repairer to check the pressures and condition of your tyres and rotate your wheels where necessary and if required at your next service.


    Any change in the feel of the brake pedal is a sign that braking efficiency may be compromised and needs immediate attention. Loss of pedal feel can indicate a very serious problem with your vehicle's brakes which may result in sudden and unexpected failure. If the pedal starts to feel soft or contacts the floor, do not drive on. Call a VACC member and have the braking system checked immediately.


    Suspension is a vital part of your vehicle and should be checked regularly. This includes control arms, shock absorbers, springs, steering linkages and many other components. Correct wheel alignment also prolongs tyre life, making driving easier and reducing fuel consumption.


    Headlights, brake lights, indicators and interior lights are extremely important to ensure your car can be seen in all weather, from any direction. If your headlights are not aimed properly you may not be able to see the road and surrounds clearly, and your lights can dazzle other motorists.


    The restraint of passengers is crucial to reduce serious injury or worse, death. Frayed and worn material or inoperable rollers are extremely important to the correct operation of the entire seat belt. Ask your VACC member to check for damaged restraints or components at your next service.