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Keep Your Vehicle Safe with Trusted Clayton Brake Repairs

Brake repairs Clayton

Despite the vital importance of your cars’ brakes, most drivers think about them very rarely so long as they’re working. Your vehicle’s brakes are a complex, interlocking system of delicate components, all of which need to be maintained and inspected at regular intervals to guarantee their condition. Because with your brakes in particular, it is simply not enough to wait until you notice a problem before taking the vehicle to a mechanic – the consequences of noticing your brakes have malfunctioned while on the road can be incredibly severe.

Trust in our six decades of brake repair experience

At Sangate Automotive Services, we have been carrying out brake inspections, maintenance and repairs on vehicles of every make, model and condition since 1963. We have worked with our community in Clayton and Glen Waverly to promote regular brake checkups, keeping local roads and drivers safer. Our mechanics – industry veterans with over 60 years of combined experience – are skilled and practiced in the work, completely restoring your brakes and putting you back on the road with minimal inconvenience. Call us today to organise your next brake inspection, or ask for one as part of your overall repair and service.

Consider booking a brake inspection with us if:

  • Your stopping time increases
  • Your brakes make a grinding or screeching noise
  • Your car veers sideways when braking
  • Your brake pedal feels different when you push on it
  • You can smell burning after using your brakes

Make your brake service appointment with us today

At Sangate Automotive Services it is our pride and pleasure to keep vehicles safe throughout Clayton and Glen Waverly with regular brake checkups. To organise your next service, just give our workshop a call on (03) 9562 5000, email us on sangateservice@bigpond.com or leave us a message on our website’s contact page.